Brighton And Hove WiFi

Welcome To Brighton And Hove WiFi

We provide instant, easy and affordable internet access to residents and visitors

Get online instantly without any contract, phone line, connection fee, credit check or commitment with Brighton And Hove WiFi.

Just connect, login and start surfing!

Our network uses fiber optic broadband for a faster and more reliable service than internet dongles. We don’t have any download limits, unlike internet dongles we offer unlimited downloads.

You must first connect to the ‘BrightonAndHoveWiFi’ WiFi network to use the service.
If you cannot see the ‘BrightonAndHoveWiFi’ network please contact us for assistance.
Can’t see Our Network or can’t connect?
We can supply and install booster units which will give a much stronger & better signal for a refundable deposit of £50. The units are small and can be installed almost anywhere, often without the need to drill holes.

Instant Internet Access
No Credit Check
No Contract
No Connection Fee or Line Rental
No Commitment
No Download Limit
Access from 1 to 90 Days